Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Discovering Children's Potential

The more time we spend playing with our children and observing the way that the play, the more knowledge we will have for nurturing their development. As we watch the way they stand apart from their peers and notice what makes them shine, we will start to understand the way they were uniquely designed. From that knowledge, we can challenge them to grow in their skills, talents and passions - and become the men and women they were designed them to be.

This is a great practice for parents, youth workers, and educators. And the knowledge will help you plan curriculum, service projects, and activities that help your children thrive.

You can learn more in a great article, titled "Seven steps for discovering your child’s talents". Their blog has several articles that help caregivers discover their child's potential. You can also learn more on their company's website at www.brightdvp.com.