Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Games – Q/A from a Reader

Question: I’m planning a luncheon and we need a fun game idea for table groups. There will be 60 people - 10 tables with 6 chairs at each table. Anyway, are you able to share any ideas with us?

My answer:
I think the Common Ground game would work really well for your luncheon. Here are the details:

Ask each table group to compile a list of as many things as their whole group has in common as possible. Give them 3-4 minutes to make their lists on a piece of paper. Then ask each group to submit outloud one answer for each of the following questions. Award mini prizes for the group with:
• the most commonalities
• the funniest commonality
• the most creative commonality
• the 'deepest' commonality
• the most adventuresome commonality
• the most memorable commonality
• whatever else you think of...
If you would like to have a conversation started sitting on the tables when peole arrive, you could let table groups do the Candy Quiz together. It's a good way to get people to start talking, by working on a common project.

1. A famous swashbuckling trio of old ___________________
2. Elmer Fudd’s sleight of hand or magical maneuvers ______________
3. Places of interring enemies of those who tend and drive cattle and who are usually mounted on domesticated, large, solid-hoofed, herbivorous mammals ____________________
4. A broad, luminous, irregular band of astral lights that encompasses the stellar sphere ___________________________
5. Crimson-colored libidinous cravings ________________________
6. A celestial body fourth in order from the sun, conspicuous for the redness of its light _______________________
7. Author William Sidney Porter’s pseudonym __________________
8. Multiple expressions of mirth, joy, or scorn in a covert or suppressed manner ____________________
9. An idiom, used here singularly, employed to describe one whose dexterous deficiency denies proficiency in getting a grip on goods _______________
10. Possessive clone alphabetical characters ______________________
11. A saloon named after the newspaper-reporter alias of a superhero _____________________
12. Childhood name of a former renowned baseball player whose strike-out record is recondite __________________
13. Celebrated street in the Big Apple _______________
14. Labial massage __________________
15. The 24-hour part of the week set aside to compensate for labor and toil ______________________
16. Subordinate herbs or seasonings _______________________
17. Lactic flops _______________________
18. A morsel of regurgitated sweet viscid material from the social and colonial hym enopterous insect _____________________
19. The jubilant sensation of an ellipsoidal and edible nut ______________
20. Label on the body bag containing the remains collected after a cat named “Reese” was run over by a mower _______________
21. Dissonant confectionery mixture of dulcet and piquant seasonings ____________
22. To rotate several members of the cylindrical-shaped component of the vowel family _______________
23. Big orb in the sky meets round sweet culinary dish of apple or cherry _____________

(You can email us if you’d like a copy of the answers)

These are both games from Great Group Games – you can find 173 more fun group games with detailed instructions in the book.

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