Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our NEW Book - Ready to Go Service Projects

Ready to Go Service Projects
140 Ways for Youth Groups to Lend a Hand

By Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor
Abingdon Youth, Fall 2008, $18

This ready-to-go tool will help youth groups find meaningful ways to connect and make a difference in their communities through service-learning. Practical and interactive activities will help youth consider the connection between faith and service, discover the ways they are uniquely designed to serve, and explore service project ideas. It also profiles activities and conversation starters to help you tap into the power of service-learning for building character, challenging perceptions, and shaping leaders. It's easy for a youth leader to scan and it's flexible enough to use with diverse groups from middle school to college.

Part One: The Basics
What you need to know about service-learning – the definition, the benefits, the process, and how to make the move from volunteer service to service-learning.

Part Two: Readying Your Hands
17 easy-to-use activity plans to help youth realize the value of service, discover what scripture says about serving others, identify what gifts each person brings to the group, and begin to explore the community.

Part Three: Hands in Action
17 topical issues that include sample service project ideas, reflection questions, prayers, scriptures, stories about youth in service, and resources for further study.

Available now with a new selection of workshops for churches and faith-based schools.

See a picture of the cover and order your signed copy at www.theassetedge.net!