Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keys to Quality Youth Development

The University of Minnesota Extension office provides a great online tool for youth workers. They have taken research from Gisela Konopka and Karen Pittman, and created a practical framework for healthy child development.

They focus on eight keys - critical elements essential to the healthy development of young people. After defining a key, they explain the connection to Developmental Assets, share examples, talk about desired outcomes, give common-sense tips, and share discussion questions for youth.

Click on any of the keys below to see more of their work:

1. Youth Feel Physically and Emotionally Safe
2. Youth Experience Belonging and Ownership
3. Youth Develop Self-Worth
4. Youth Discover Self
5. Youth Develop Quality Relationships with Peers and Adults
6. Youth Discuss Conflicting Values and Form Their Own
7. Youth Feel the Pride and Accountability that Comes with Mastery
8. Youth Expand Their Capacity to Enjoy Life and Know that Success Is Possible

Or view the full table of contents here.