Friday, May 22, 2009

Articles of Interest

Click on the links to read more info in these articles from Connect with Kids. There are some good educational pieces related to empowerment, boundaries & expectations and creative activities.

Video Game Addiction
According to the latest university research, video game addiction is real and nearly 10 percent of American kids are hooked.

Teen Entrepreneurs
The employment rate for teens is likely to hit a new low this summer, according to the Center for Labor Market Studies, with just 31 percent finding jobs. So instead, many teens are creating jobs of their own.

Free Play
What makes children get along and work well with others? Developmental psychologists say the answer is simple: unstructured, unorganized play. No TV's, no "play dates," no video games. Just good old fashioned fun born in the child's imagination.

Hazing, a kind of bullying, is happening to younger kids and becoming more dangerous. These are the results of a new survey of high school kids conducted by researchers at the University of Maine.