Thursday, May 28, 2009

The National Spelling Bee - Building Assets in Teens!

I was amazed watching the middle school students in tonight's National Spelling Bee. I don't know any adults that can spell the way these young people spell. Well, I know one adult who can, but only one!

* Family support - I loved seeing the families on stage with the young people. And so many of the parents are also the spelling coaches for the children.
* Community values youth - I wonder how many millions of people were watching these youth perform!
* High expectations - enough said
* Achievement motivation - the motivation, determination and commitment of these children/families amazes me!
* Homework - can you imagine the # of hours these youth spend studying?
* Reading for pleasure - my 7-year old son was reading his chapter book between commercials of the spelling bee. I loved telling him that his vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds as he reads more and more books.
* Caring - did you notice the way the competitors supported one another?
* Responsibility - have you ever met more responsible youth?
* Planning and decision making - did you listen to the analytical skills of the participants, as they thought through the spelling of those long words?
* Positive view of personal future - the highlighted the career aspirations and dreams of the children - it was neat to read.