Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This Week's Stories About Kids - From Connect With Kids

I admire the time, research and thoughtfulness that goes into the weekly emails from Connect With Kids. This is a great resource for educators and youth workers - and it's free! Here are their teasers for this week's articles:

Bystanders Can Stop Bullying
The American Academy of Pediatrics will soon announce its recommendations to stop the epidemic of bullying in American schools. Among their recommendations, encourage the millions who witness bullying to step up and say “that’s enough!”

Media Literacy
The average American kid is in front of a screen for six hours a day...and, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, all that time in front of video games, computers, television screens can increase their chances of being violent, having sex, doing drugs, and having an eating disorder. How can parents counteract all these messages?

Addiction and Girls
The latest numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics aren’t encouraging if you have daughters. It used to be that the most likely users of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco were boys…but not anymore. In fact, today, in some categories…there are more drug-using girls than boys.

Teaching Children Financial Responsibility
Despite the recession, kids have become a powerful force in the American economy spending close to 180-billion dollars a year. Young people may know how to spend, but do they know how to save? And what can parent do to teach financial responsibility?

Moving Stress
According to the CDC, one in seven high school students has “seriously” considered suicide; one in 14 actually tried. And new research from Denmark has found a remarkable correlation: the more often kids moved…the more likely they were to commit suicide. It seems moving from one neighborhood or city to another is more traumatic for kids than many realize.

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