Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Service-Learning Training - Innovation Spotlight Series

Youth Service California and the National Service-Learning Partnership invite you to participate in the Innovation Spotlight Series for Community-Based Service-Learning. This series focuses on the value and utility of service-learning in community organizations and faith-based groups who want to engage youth more effectively through service. This is an entirely free, online series running through September and will remain available online into the future. Here's how to engage in this series:

1) Visit www.nslpconnections.org and join the Affinity Group for Community-Based Service-Learning. Create a profile to join this online community.

2) At the Affinity Group, you will see links to two YouTube videos to start the series:
Community-Based Service-Learning and Youth Development http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RU0hDxLmq_E

Faith-Based Service-Learninghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfpeVyAaC-o
It is highly recommended to watch the Community-Based video first and then the Faith-Based video as the Faith-Based video builds on the first.

3) After you have watched these, please view the PowerPoint presentations, which you can download, use, and share with your colleagues--they can be found in the Documents section of the Affinity Group main page.

4) After watching the videos and PowerPoints (or whenever you feel moved), please take part in the discussions happening at the Affinity Group main page and at Youth Service California™s Blog (http://yscal.org/blog/). Questions will be posted periodically and feel free to pose your own!

5) Finally, as a capstone to the Innovation Series, we will host a Webinar on 9/21/09 at 2 PM Eastern Time, during which we will discuss the issues brought forth during the month and consider visions for the future. To participate on this day, follow these steps on Sept. 21st:
1. Go to https://aed.webex.com/aed/j.php?ED=116063397&UID=1050438242
2. Enter your name and email address.
3. Enter the meeting password: spotlight
4. Click "Join".In addition, Youth Service California will archive all this information at its website:http://yscal.org/cm/Service-Learning/Community.html

For any questions or concerns, contact Brian Seilstad at bseilstad@yscal.org or 510-302-0553.

(Thanks to Christina Kwon at SLYPN for sending this info our way!)