Friday, October 9, 2009

Dancing to Build Assets

Rejoice Ministries uses the art of dance to teach 80+ inner-city children about faith and give them tools for successful living. Their instructors teach children at four sites in East Nashville. They provide top-notch instruction in ballet, jazz, modern and African dance classes.

This creative arts ministry is building in Assets in a group of young people that are given very few after-school opportunities, in neighborhoods colored by negative behaviors. Here are some of the ways we’ve seen Rejoice build Assets in their students:

  • They provide a Supportive atmosphere with caring adult role models and a caring place to hang out.

  • They build the Constructive Use of Time asset by promoting creative activities, youth programs and religious community.

  • They focus on Positive Values in and out of the dance studio.

  • They teach Social Competencies, helping children treat one another with integrity and respect, and helping students make decisions that fit their long-term goals.

  • They build Positive Identity by nurturing self-esteem, sense of purpose and helping students see possibilities for their future.

For more information, visit or contact Director Patricia Cross at (615) 210-1147