Friday, October 16, 2009

Philadelphia - Reaching Kids by Teaching Parents.

Philadelphia is branching out with new strategies to engage parents in schools.

I would have LOVED to attend their kindergarten-preparedness class! First-time parents are so nervous and oftentimes so eager to help with the transition to school. I think it's an outstanding time to bring parents into the schools to equip them and their families.

I thinnk their resource center is a great way to "inform caretakers of graduation requirements, college financial aid, certification, special education and other programs". This is an easy way to help parents support their children's education.

I'm excited to see the impact of their Customer service training for schools' front office staff. This could greatly affect everything from a child's self-esteem to school attendance to parent volunteer capacity to teacher morale.

Read more about their ideas here.

Thanks @EducationWeek for sharing this article!