Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some tips to help Thanksgiving be an asset building experience for your family. Many of the ideas listed here contribute to building supportive relationships, using time constructively and creatively and empowering youth to think of others.

• Invite family friends or neighbors over during the long weekend for games, leftovers, watching the game or just to visit.
• Limit the amount of turkey and sweets your child eats at a time.
• Practice the art of giving by serving together at a mission or sponsoring a needy family for the holiday.
• Share your favorite memories of past Thanksgivings that reflect your family’s traditions, values and culture.
• Make stuffing the turkey and creating special dishes a family event where you can laugh, talk and create together.
• Get creative! Produce a pilgrim play or make table decorations together: use homemade turkeys and pilgrims for centerpieces, drawing placemats or napkins.
• Take time to play together: football, board games, card games, and charades.
• Let your child know what you appreciate about them.
• Know where your children are when they’re not around you – keep them safe.
• Take advantage of early sales and teach your child smart shopping and planning for Christmas.
• As a family, visit other friends or family members and remind your children about being respectful and caring while visiting.
• Give thanks – make a list of the things you have been grateful for over the year. Encourage each family member to do the same, then share your lists.
• Make sure you pay attention to all the children you see over the holiday – chat and find out what’s happening in their lives, ask questions and listen.
• Simply enjoy being together.