Friday, December 4, 2009

Here's a really cool story about youth in Nashville that are making a difference!


As many of you know, the Youth Mobilizers at Oasis Community Impact began many years ago (in 2004) doing their own research and educational workshops in East Nashville around critical financial issues that they identified as important to them and their families. You may also know that this work has led to the statewide Coalition for Responsible Lending in Tennessee which is working to develop education, alternatives and policies to end the usurious practices of payday lenders that prey on our low-income communities and keep our families trapped in a cycle of debt.

As another outcome of this youth-led work, Economics on MY Street represents a unique partnership between the Youth Mobilizers and Junior Achievement. With the desire to expand and improve financial education opportunities for students in under-resourced communities, our youth sought a meeting with Junior Achievement back in 2006 to share their work and learn more about Junior Achievement. What spawned from this meeting is a powerful partnership that brings the lived experience, local youth-led research, and real-world knowledge of our Youth Mobilizers together with the financial education and curriculum expertise of Junior Achievement. We are excited to share Economics on MY Street and believe it tells a powerful story of the insight and strength of young people and the impact of quality partnerships with adults and organizations.

(Thanks to Anderson Williams for sharing this great story - and for starting this dream-come-true!)