Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Book Review for Building Character from the Start

The Canadian Mommy blogger Northern Mama just reviewed our book, Building Character from the Start: 201 Activities to Foster Creativity, Literacy and Play in K-3. You can read the review here, but here are some highlights:

"A perfect foundation for Character education or as an addition to a pre-existing Character building Curriculum. Building Character from the Start offers some fabulous worksheets but what impressed me most about this teacher resource is the section dedicated to literacy related activities. A great deal of time has been spent finding children’s literature with character building themes and creating discussion questions to stimulate conversation and then further exploration activities based on the stories. ...

Community building games and hands on activities are another fabulous feature of this resource and can easily be applied to other units and can be used as valuable time fillers for substitute teachers like myself . I actually have included this book in my subbing kit and used it just last week as an add on to a teaching plan about decision making and choices.

Well organized in a way which allows you to easily see the connections between assets and themes for fast and effective planning I would certainly recommend this to elementary school teachers and homeschoolers."