Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Eggs - Lessons Learned

Have you ever thought about the concepts a child can learn from coloring eggs? In addition to building the assets of creative activities and support, you can also use it to build a commitment to learning. Here are some quick lessons I thought about, and I'm sure you'll have more ideas!

•Science: temperature for boiling, bacterial precautions, chemical reactions, nutritional values

•Art: wax art, shrink wraps, layering colors, color wheel, cutting out the ‘egg holders’ on the cardboard boxes

•History: why eggs (I haven’t studied this!), why color eggs?, when did the tradition start?, other Easter traditions

•Math: cost of eggs and supplies, color density in relation to time in the dye, counting as you leave the eggs in the dye, following recipes that use boiled eggs

•Spelling: writing the child’s name, Happy Easter, Jesus Lives, or other phrases on the eggs

•Reading: reading the directions for boiling or decorating eggs