Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Book for Teens and Preteens - and Anyone Who Works with Them.

I read "Do Hard Things" last week, and zoomed through it with hungry eyes. Written by 2 teenagers, it's a look at how young people can do great things and make a huge impact on the world.

It empowers youth to lead with an energy unlike anything I've ever read. It inspires youth to be their best and give their best to important causes. It pushes youth to ponder and pursue their dreams. It invites youth to rally together to shut down teen apathy or indifference, and set a standard for this generation and beyond.

As I finished the book, I wanted to put this tool in the hands of every youth worker and educator I know, so they can get it into the hearts/minds of every teenager they know. It's that good!

It is written from a faith-based perspective, so it's a perfect fit for faith-based schools and youth groups. If you do not work with a faith-based group, you should still take a look at the resource, because you can still use the ideas, principles and stories.

Happy reading!