Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nashville Teens to Attend Inauguration

From the YMCA of Middle Tennessee:

Shavicka Newsom, director of the YMCA Urban Services School of Academics and Athletics, will travel with teens Kerry Baines, Precious Smith, Joel Najera and Eric Robinson. Baines is a student at Hume-Fogg Academic High School and participates in programs operated by the YMCA Center for Civic Engagement. Precious Smith attends Stratford High School and is a participant in programs at the Y-CAP YMCA in East Nashville. Joel Najera is a student at Glencliff High School and a participant in the YMCA Hispanic Achievers Program. Eric Robinson attends Ensworth High School and participates in the YMCA Black Achievers program.

While on the trip, the students will be blogging. They'll likely begin making posts sometime late Sunday afternoon-early evening. Visit the blog:

What an amazing opportunity for these young people! It's great that they are taking such a diverse group of students. Here's a list of just some of the assets I think they'll experience during this once-in-a-lifetime trip:

Other adult relationships * Community values youth * Youth as resources * Service to others * Adult role models * Youth programs * Equality and social justice * Cultural competence * Peaceful conflict resolution * Personal power Sense of purpose * Positive view of personal future