Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sustainable Youth Ministry

I highly recommend this book to any church that wants to build a sustainable youth ministry. Mark DeVries exposes the dysfunctional systems that are held so tightly, and teaches simple strategies to build a healthy and thriving youth group for the long haul. He shares a plethora of tips for managing time, recruiting volunteers, and utilizing volunteer resources. He tells stories to illustrate the importance of relationships in making people feel welcome and navigating church politics. It is not a quick scan, but a book that you will want to digest over time – a book that will change the way you do ministry.

Mark also directs Youth Ministry Architects, a powerful ministry that empowers churches to build and sustain family and youth programming.

As I've read Mark's books and observed his ministry, these are the assets I see him building in his staff members, youth leaders, and program participants: Adult role models * Positive peer influence * High expectations * Youth programs * Religious community * Caring * Planning and decision making * Personal power * Positive view of personal future *