Friday, April 10, 2009

Programs and Practices in Youth Work

New! Youth Development Training Series from the YMCA Center for Asset Development

This is a collection of 2 ½ hour workshops that agencies can mix and match to fit the developmental focus of their work. Workshops include an introduction to positive youth development, an in-depth look at best practices in youth work including a highlight on AIM (Assets in Motion, centered around the Developmental Assets™ framework), and it concludes with a wrap up session to create an implementation plan for deepening your work with youth. Participants are actively engaged in recalling their own experiences with people, places and activities that had a positive impact on their lives; naming current practices that help youth succeed; generating new ideas with each other; learning what research says; and gaining hands-on activities and tools they can use with their youth groups. This process will lead participants to being more deliberate and intentional in their work to build assets in youth. These can be tailored for youth-serving agencies, schools and faith-based organizations

 Introduction to Positive Youth Development – gives an overview of the framework of the 40 Developmental Assets™ created by Search Institute and why they are important in the lives of youth to promote healthy behaviors, prevent negative risk taking behaviors and help youth be resilient.
 Relationships – the Importance of the ‘R’ Factor - explores the importance of supportive, caring relationships and how to maximize the venue for impacting youth
 Empowerment: Engaging Youth with Meaning and Purpose – examines the various ways to engage youth voice and action in your program and highlights the importance of service-learning as well as how to use technology at its best
 The Power of Beliefs, Values and Choice – is chock full of tools you can use to help youth clarify values as well as build vital life skills
 The Way and How of Learning – looks at multiple intelligences, learning styles, assets and life skills needed for success
 Enhancing a Sense of Self – provides fun, interactive venues for youth to identify strengths, resources and goals for themselves that they can carry with them
 Sharpening Your Youth Program – inventories relationships, programmatic practices, agency environment and polices to connect the dots between the reality of what happens and what the goal is for impacting youth; participants leave with a take home plan for infusing assets

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