Monday, July 13, 2009

Candles or Darkness? You Have the Power to Make Change

“It's better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness” (Confucius)

It's so easy to complain. Think about the complaints you've made or heard today. Negative words about teenagers, parents, office facilities, weather, body image, colleagues, food...

Why are we so quick to complain? It rarely improves a situations, and often it propels negativity to make things worse than they were to begin with.

Instead of succombing to the temptation to complain, use that energy to start making a situation better. What is one small thing you can do to improve the situation?
  • If it's noncommunicative teens that 'push your buttons', look for a way to find common ground with them.
  • If you're downtrodden by a sterile atmosphere at work, ask if you can bring in a can of paint or a vase of flowers.
  • If you're frustrated with the lack of resources for your program, make a list of your needs and write an article for the newspaper.
  • If you are always complaining about the stresses of work, set a walking date with a friend after work today, so you have to get out of the office on time.
You have the power to make your world a brighter place. Silence idle complaints & start lighting candles today!