Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fire Departments Build the Safety Asset

Fire departments offer so many services that people never realize. I've been impressed recently with The Pleasant View Fire Department in Cheatham County. Their "goal is to reach every child and elderly person in the district and be available to any person, business, or organization in our area to teach fire safety."

Here are some of the cool ways they build the safety asset. If it sounds interesting, check with your local fire department, to see if they offer some of the same servcies.

• Community Block Parties - they will stop by to visit community parties and give children rides in the fire truck. The more comfortable children are with the fireman and trucks, the more prepared they will be for an emergency situation.
• CPR 4 Life Program
• Fall Prevention for the Elderly
• Fire Extinguisher Classes - they teach families to properly select and use extinguishers
• Fire Prevention for Schools - free interactive training for children on fire prevention and safety
• Fire Safety Trailer - children and adults can learn how to safely respond in case of a fire emergency.
• Live Fire Sprinkler Trailer - families can learn about the safety features of home sprinkler systems
• Severe Weather Education Program - learn how to respond to severe weather alerts
• Smoke Alarm Installations - they teach families how to install a smoke alarm properly
• Station Tours - children love to visit the fire stations on field trips or during birthday parties
• The Explorer Program - this teen program, affiliated with Boy Scouts, invites boys ages 12-18 to participate in a combination of firefighter education and teamwork. When they have completed a certain level, the boys can attend fire department activities, train with current personnel, and respond to non-emergency events with a Duty Officer .

For more information, call 615-746-8528 or visit