Thursday, January 21, 2010

Connect with Kids Research and News

Here are some of the articles from this week's Connect with Kids email. Click on any of the links to see the full article.

Fewer Kids Smoking
A new government survey finds that more kids are smoking marijuana, abusing prescription drugs and using smokeless tobacco than a decade ago. But there is one area of abuse that is going down dramatically- cigarettes.

Reading Comprehension
If your child has trouble reading, this finding is remarkable: researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that when kids with delayed reading skills or learning disabilities were put through a comprehensive remediation program, their brains physically "rewired" themselves, increasing reading comprehension and language skills.

End of Make-Believe
With video games, DVD's and hundreds of cable channels, more and more kids are relying on electronic gadgets for entertainment, which means they're missing out on the age-old staple of kids' play: imagination.