Friday, January 22, 2010

YouTube as an Educational Tool

I just stumbled upon a really cool list for teachers. It's the best 100 YouTube videos for teachers. From history, to science, to language, to arts to classroom management, there are so many educational tools listed on this site! Here's a random sampling:

Gettysburg Reenactment: Bring the American Civil War to life by showing students this reenactment of a battle.
The Physics of Baseball: Get students more interested in physics by relating them to sports with this video.
Teach Yourself Sign Language: Whether you’re working with deaf kids or just want to learn a new skill, this video can help you to learn to sign.
Rijksmuseum: Take a virtual field trip through the Rijksmuseum and see great works by artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.
Teachers Are Like Mirrors: Here you’ll be encouraged to remember that teachers play a big role in building students’ self esteem.
Education Techniques for Children With Autism: Working with children who have disabilities can be challenging, but this video gives some useful pointers to make it a little easier.
Creating Respectful Classrooms: This video can help give your students the tools they need to be respectful, responsible citizens in your classroom.
Teacher Tips Organization: This video can help you learn to get and stay organized.
Google Docs Tutorial for Teachers: This tutorial will show you the basics of using Google Docs so you can save and edit documents online.