Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Incorporating Technology Into Out-Of-School Time Programs

From ChildTrends

Technology and technologically-based learning environments are extending student learning beyond the conventional classroom. A new Child Trends brief, Incorporating Technology Into Out-Of-School Time Programs, draws on results from research and from practitioners' insights to outline the benefits, challenges, and strategies associated with using technology in out-of-school time programs. Among the uses of technology found to be especially beneficial in out-of-school programs:

Computer-based reading intervention programs have been used to successfully supplement children's in-class reading and build comprehension.

Program participants can use computer-based programs to follow developments over time, whether it is how plants are growing or how a community service project is progressing.

Video technology can involve program participants in the exploration of their world through filmmaking, digital artwork, and online instruction.

The brief also provides additional resources for programs interested in incorporating technology into their activities and profiles a technology-based out-of-school time program.