Thursday, April 15, 2010

Y-I Love Myself Youth Health Summit

Corey Burton at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee planned this educational event for Valentine's Day, so it's titled with a love theme.  It's a very creative and active way to engage youth around health and wellness, so we thought you'd like to see their agenda.  The ideas could easily be adapted for a classroom or an after-school activity period.
Health Department “Nashville Moves”=> A special guest talked about small things youth can do to make large impacts on their health and well being. In addition, he spoke to them about youth obesity and how it effects them not only physically but mentally in the areas of confidence etc.

“Get in where you fit in.” => Corey Burton led this portion of the event, and at this session, they led the youth through a “Spin Class,” and took them on a tour of our facility. They gave youth pedometers before the tour, and talked to them about needing to live more active lives, and the purpose of the tour and the pedometers was to show how easy it is to log steps and to walk off calories etc. 

Nutrition Plannery=> We had an individual from Second Harvest that showed our youth how to make Parfaits. They loved this exercise. She provided the yogurt, granola, and a number of fruit options and showed them how to make these. In addition, she spoke to them about nutrition; showing them the impact of not living active lives with nutrition being an integral part of their diets.

Lunch=> “Lettuce Eat” At this, we provided youth with lunch. The only option was the salad, which we provided all the essentials to dressing up the salads. We had baked chicken, various healthier dressings, and other veggies that you could put in the salads. Going off of the fact that we left the event with no leftovers, we believe that the youth enjoyed the healthy lunch.

Vision Board=> All of the youth went through the vision board exercise. This exercise was aimed at encouraging youth to think about, plan for, and envision his/her future. We all know that this sort of preparation and thought helps bring these goals and dreams a reality.